We are excited to endorse the following Shawnee Mission candidates for the November 6th General Election as your best choice to support public education in Topeka:

House District 14 – Angela Justus Schweller (D)

House District 16 – Cindy Holscher (D)

House District 17 – Laura Smith – Everett (D)

House District 18 – Cindy Neighbor (D)

House District 19 – Stephanie Clayton (R)

House District 20 – Jan Kessinger (R)

House District 21 – Jerry Stogsdill (D)

House District 22 – Nancy Lusk (D)

House District 23 – Linda Gallagher (R)

House District 24 – Jarrod Ousley (D)

House District 25 – Melissa Rooker (R)

House District 29 – Brett Parker (D)

House District 30 – Brandon Woodard (D)

Kansas Governor – Laura Kelly (D)

Kansas State Board of Education – Ruth Goff

We are so grateful to these incumbents and candidates for prioritizing Shawnee Mission schools. Thank you for looking out for our kids, our schools, and our community!

Endorsement Process

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endorsement process, please see our press release here.

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