Education First Shawnee Mission Endorses Candidates for November General Election 

Posted on September 6, 2018

Education First Shawnee Mission (EFSM), a Political Action Committee (PAC) and parent-led advocacy group for the Shawnee Mission School District, has released its endorsements for the 2018 Kansas Midterm Election, which takes place on November 6, 2018. The following candidates have received EFSM’s endorsement:

  • House District 14 – Angela Justus Schweller (D)
  • House District 16 – Cindy Holscher (D)
  • House District 17 – Laura Smith – Everett (D)
  • House District 18 – Cindy Neighbor (D)
  • House District 19 – Stephanie Clayton (R)
  • House District 20 – Jan Kessinger (R)
  • House District 21 – Jerry Stogsdill (D)
  • House District 22 – Nancy Lusk (D)
  • House District 23 – Linda Gallagher (R)
  • House District 24 – Jarrod Ousley (D)
  • House District 25 – Melissa Rooker (R)
  • House District 29 – Brett Parker (D)
  • House District 30 – Brandon Woodard (D)
  • Kansas Governor – Laura Kelly (D)
  • Kansas State Board of Education – Ruth Goff

“As moms and advocates, we are very excited to support these excellent candidates running for elected office who support Kansas children and our public schools,” said Megan Peters of EFSM. “Our endorsed candidates all display a firm commitment to public education and to the issues important to the Shawnee Mission community. We are ready to get to work and spread the word to ensure the voters of Shawnee Mission are informed and ready to vote for our schools on November 6th.”

The group heavily vetted candidates via a comprehensive review process:

  1. Surveys were sent to all the candidates running for Kansas Legislature, Kansas State Board of Education (who are located within the Shawnee Mission School District area) and Kansas Governor.
  2. Surveys included questions based on EFSM’s five main issues regarding the legislature: School Funding, Tax Policy, Outside Interest Groups, Privatization and School Vouchers, and Impartiality vs Propaganda.
  3. Candidates who completed the survey were then invited to face-to-face interviews with members of EFSM to share more about their positions.
  4. Candidate responses were rated using a professional rubric to score both the surveys and the subsequent interviews, and final decisions on endorsements were made by totaling those scores.

A copy of the EFSM candidate survey can be found on its website: (Direct link to candidate survey can be found here.)

“At EFSM, we believe that candidates who support public education, in turn support entire communities,” said Peters. “Strong public schools are proven to enhance community income levels, economic growth and business opportunities. We are proud to have fantastic educators and students in the Shawnee Mission Community, and we look forward to supporting candidates who understand the connection between quality public education and economic prosperity.”