Posted on July 15, 2022

Education First Shawnee Mission (EFSM), a Political Action Committee (PAC) and parent advocacy group for the Shawnee Mission School District, has released its endorsements for the 2022 Primary Election. The following candidates have received EFSM’s endorsement as a Pro-Public Education Candidate:

  • Laura Kelly*, Governor
  • Linda Featherston*, Kansas House District 16
  • Jo Ella Hoye*, Kansas House District 17
  • Cindy Neighbor*, Kansas House District 18
  • Stephanie Clayton*, Kansas House District 19
  • Mari-Lynn Poskin*, Kansas House District 20
  • Lindsay Vaughn*, Kansas House District 22
  • Jarrod Ousley*«, Kansas House District 24
  • Rui Xu*«, Kansas House District 25
  • Heather Meyer*, Kansas House District 29
  • David Soffer, Kansas House District 29
  • Courtney Eiterich, Kansas House District 30
  • Brandon Woodard*«, Kansas House District 108


«Running Unopposed

“Hardliners used last year’s legislative session to attack public school funding from every angle,” said Jenifer Boles of EFSM. “It is more important than ever to support candidates who will support quality public education for all children in Kansas. Our most pressing issue in the coming session is the implementation of the ‘open borders’ policy, a program designed to undercut public school performance and equity. Shawnee Mission parents need to vote in the upcoming election!” 

EFSM, which is comprised of parents and community members in the Shawnee Mission School District, contacted all candidates who have filed to run in these elections to participate in their endorsement process. Formal surveys were sent to all the candidates who responded to EFSM’s inquiry. These surveys included questions based on EFSM’s primary issues: School Funding, Responsible Tax Policy, Opposition to Privatization and Public-School Vouchers, Supporting Anti-Racism in Education, Against Discrimination and the influence of Outside Interest Groups.  Incumbents’ prior voting histories and all candidate’s public statements were considered as part of the endorsement process. EFSM used a professional rubric to score the survey and candidate’s positions, and final decisions on endorsements were made by totaling those scores. 

The Primary Election will take place on August 2, 2022, followed by the General Election on November 8, 2022.

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