Education First Shawnee Mission 2022 Legislative Endorsement Survey  

Posted on July 15, 2022

All candidates with a known email address and/or campaign website were sent an invitation to complete the below survey on June 20, 2022. Three additional reminder emails were sent to non-respondents on June 28 and July 1. The Survey closed on Sunday July 3, 2022. One candidate requested and was granted  a deadline extension.

All answers assigned a point value, totalling 100 points. Below, highlighted in bold, were our ‘ideal’ answers. If you would like to see any candidate’s specific responses, reach out to [email protected] and we are happy to provide it.

  1. What percentage of your individual contributions are from special interest groups? 44% or less
  2. Do you support the Kansas Constitution as it stands to protect the adequacy and equity of our public schools? YES
  3. Would you vote to fully fund the state’s obligatory 92% of special education funding? YES
  4. Which statement most accurately represents you postioin on state funded school vouchers/scholarships:
    • School vouchers deplete public education funding and have no place in our education budgets or policies
    • Some school vouchers can provide necessary support for some families in Kansas
    • School vouchers are an important solution to promoting parent-choice in education
  5. Which statement most accurately represents your position on state funded charter schools?
    • Charter schools should not recieve state funding
    • Specific, limited charter schools can provide alternative learning opportunities for select students
    • Charter schools are an excelleent way to create education opportunities for Kansas families
  6. Which statement most accurately represents your position on the relationship between public education and the local economy?
    • Public education promotes an educated workforce, draws people to live in the school district, keeps property values up, and contributes to the local economy
    • Public education cam impact the local economy on a limite scale
    • Ther eis no connection between education and local economies
  7. Which statement most accurately represents your positoin on wrap around services and how they affect public schools?
    • Wrap-around services support student learning, address student hunger, counseling, social/emotional needs and basic needs.
    • Some wrap around services are helpful in select schools but should be managed and funded by local communities
    • Wrap-around services do not belong in public schools and should be provided by state welfare/social agencies.
  8. Select your TOP 5 priorities as a legislator from teh list of priorities below:
    • Increased public school funding
    • SPED funding
    • Social emotional learning
    • Due process for teachers
    • Resonsible tax policy
    • Bipartisanship
    • Transparency
    • Safe spaces in schools
    • Public health
    • A Strong Moral Compass
    • School Choice
    • Tax Cuts
  9. Which statement most accurately represents your interpretation of equitale education funding?
    • Kansas education policy and funding must fully take into account both equity and equality
    • Education funding should be based soley on school attendance without any complicated weightings.
  10. Would you suppot banning the 1619 Project book from school libraries? NO